We have important information regarding the identification card you will need for air travel between states.  If you are considering flying for an interstate adoption, please read this information carefully, and contact us with any questions.

If you live outside PA, please check see if your state’s current ID card allows for interstate air travel or if you will need to upgrade your ID.

Pennsylvania Residents:  Starting October 2020, Pennsylvania residents will need a “REAL ID-compliant” driver’s license or a federally issued ID such as a passport to fly between states.  PennDOT will begin issuing the REAL ID-Compliant driver’s licenses in March 2019.  Currently, you are able to apply for the REAL ID-Compliant driver’s license right away at a PennDOT location, and then in March 2019, when they are available to be issued, you can receive this new ID by mail.  

Information on applying for a REAL ID-Compliant driver’s license today are here. We recommend all PA residents apply for this new ID as soon as possible or make sure they have an updated passport.

More information available here.  Please let us know if you have any questions! Contact us at 888-505-2367 or