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My #1 Pet Peeve in Infertility and Adoption - From Creating a Family

Our latest blog post comes from Dawn Davenport from our partner resource, Creating a Family and addresses the sometimes irritating comments made by others when a couple is facing infertility. What's already a frustrating process can be escalated when you have people inserting their two cents, even though their heart may be in the right place. No [...] Read more

The Adoption Preparation Checklist

Our latest blog entry comes from the site, Considering Adoption, which offers many helpful tidbits and articles about the adoption process. This helpful article offers an adoption checklist to make sure you are prepared for adoption. The Adoption Preparation Checklist Adopting a child is a major life change, and as such, there’s a lot of [...] Read more

Who are Birthmothers in Adoption?

Our first blog post of 2018 comes from our friends at Creating a Family who explore the unsung hero(es) of the adoption process, the birthparents. It's so important as an adoptive family to honor these men and women who choose to place their baby for adoption. Here is the article: The part of the adoption triad we hear the least about is the birth [...] Read more

Being a Birthmother Around the Holidays

Being a Birthmother Around the Holidays As a birthmother, we know the holiday season can be difficult. We see images of smiling families celebrating the holidays everywhere, and it's tough to visualize the baby you placed for adoption with another family. The good news is you can (and will) get through this time and thrive. Here are some tips for [...] Read more

New Adoption Ad Airs in Berks County

A Baby Step Adoption has made it to the small screen! With the help of Bozeken Productions, our new ad is runnning on MTV, BET, E! and other channels throughout Berks County. We are so excited that our message of hope for women facing unplanned pregnancy is reaching our friends throughout Berks County. More than anything, we hope women understand [...] Read more

Moving on From a Failed Adoption

It's heartbreaking, but there are times when an adoption match doesn't come to fruition. Our latest blog post comes from Adoptive Families and tells the story of a mother's journey of a failed adoption. "A Lesson from Loss" A heartbreaking failed match with an expectant mother helped me see that I was truly at peace with having my sons through [...] Read more

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