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Being a Birthmother Around the Holidays

Being a Birthmother Around the Holidays As a birthmother, we know the holiday season can be difficult. We see images of smiling families celebrating the holidays everywhere, and it's tough to visualize the baby you placed for adoption with another family. The good news is you can (and will) get through this time and thrive. Here are some tips for being a birthmother during the holiday season: 1. [...] Read more

New Adoption Ad Airs in Berks County

A Baby Step Adoption has made it to the small screen! With the help of Bozeken Productions, our new ad is runnning on MTV, BET, E! and other channels throughout Berks County. We are so excited that our message of hope for women facing unplanned pregnancy is reaching our friends throughout Berks County. More than anything, we hope women understand adoption is not about giving up, it's about making [...] Read more

Moving on From a Failed Adoption

It's heartbreaking, but there are times when an adoption match doesn't come to fruition. Our latest blog post comes from Adoptive Families and tells the story of a mother's journey of a failed adoption. "A Lesson from Loss" A heartbreaking failed match with an expectant mother helped me see that I was truly at peace with having my sons through adoption rather than giving birth. It was an ominous [...] Read more

Adoption Finance Coach - Upcoming Webinars

We know adoption can be expensive. That's why we team up with the Adoption Finance Coach to offer our clients a resource that will help them navigate the adoption process in the most frugal way possible. Kelly Ellison, founder of the program, is an adoptive parent and development professional in the nonprofit sector for over 25 years. She has a passion for helping adoptive families raise money [...] Read more

7 Tips for Talking with Tweens & Teens About Adoption

Our latest blog post comes from our friends at Creating a Family. It explores the sometimes tricky topic of talking to your tweens and teens about adoption and offers some advice on how to navigate the situation. 7 Tips for Talking with Tweens & Teens About Adoption I love the teen years. I’ve raised four teens and worked in youth ministry for 17 years. I find this age group to be intriguing [...] Read more

The Adoption Maven Talks Back to School

Our latest blog comes from our friend, The Adoption Maven. For many adoptive parents, questions arise once the kids head back to school about their background. Kathy Ann Brodsky, LCSW, a New York and New Jersey licensed social worker, adoptive mom and advocate for ethical adoption practice, shares her advice for how to navigate the school years with your adopted child. BACK TO SCHOOL, DAYCARE and [...] Read more

The Sadness of Not Being Chosen by Expectant Mom for Adoption

Our latest blog post comes from our friends at Creating a Family and addresses the sometimes agonizing process of waiting to be chosen by a birthmother. When a woman is facing an unplanned pregnancy and decides on adoption, she ultimately chooses the family she wants to raise her baby. At A Baby Step Adoption, we tout quick match times, and often times, our clients are matched within 6 months of [...] Read more

How Much Does Adoption Cost? How Long Does it Take?

Our clients often ask us how long they can expect to wait to adopt a child and the cost associated with adoption. At A Baby Step Adoption, we tout quick match times, and we can help you with resources to help fund your adoption. We are also lucky to have Barbara Casey, an adoption attorney, as the founder and head of our agency as well as other attorneys on staff to make the process go smoothly. [...] Read more

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