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Real ID - Important Information for Interstate Adoption Travel

IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR OUR CLIENTS: We have important information regarding the identification card you will need for air travel between states. If you are considering flying for an interstate adoption, please read this information carefully, and contact us with any questions. If you live outside PA, please check to [...] Read more

Who Are Birth Mothers in Adoption?

Who Are Birth Mothers in Adoption? Our latest blog comes from our friends at Creating a Family and addresses the women and men who allow adoption to be possible, the birth mothers and birth fathers. The adoption process begins with them. Included here is an incredibly poignant story from a birth mother which allows some perspective into her [...] Read more

Mother's Day Isn't Always A Celebration

Today's blog post comes from our friends at Creating a Family, the online infertility and adoption education nonprofit and addresses how not every woman is gloriously happy on Mother's Day. Throughout our journey here at A Baby Step Adoption of helping all types of people on their path to parenthood, we have seen first hand the sadness of [...] Read more

My #1 Pet Peeve in Infertility and Adoption - From Creating a Family

Our latest blog post comes from Dawn Davenport from our partner resource, Creating a Family and addresses the sometimes irritating comments made by others when a couple is facing infertility. What's already a frustrating process can be escalated when you have people inserting their two cents, even though their heart may be in the right place. No [...] Read more

The Adoption Preparation Checklist

Our latest blog entry comes from the site, Considering Adoption, which offers many helpful tidbits and articles about the adoption process. This helpful article offers an adoption checklist to make sure you are prepared for adoption. The Adoption Preparation Checklist Adopting a child is a major life change, and as such, there’s a lot of [...] Read more

Who are Birthmothers in Adoption?

Our first blog post of 2018 comes from our friends at Creating a Family who explore the unsung hero(es) of the adoption process, the birthparents. It's so important as an adoptive family to honor these men and women who choose to place their baby for adoption. Here is the article: The part of the adoption triad we hear the least about is the birth [...] Read more

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