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The Sadness of Not Being Chosen by Expectant Mom for Adoption

Our latest blog post comes from our friends at Creating a Family and addresses the sometimes agonizing process of waiting to be chosen by a birthmother. When a woman is facing an unplanned pregnancy and decides on adoption, she ultimately chooses the family she wants to raise her baby. At A Baby Step Adoption, we tout quick match times, and often [...] Read more

How Much Does Adoption Cost? How Long Does it Take?

Our clients often ask us how long they can expect to wait to adopt a child and the cost associated with adoption. At A Baby Step Adoption, we tout quick match times, and we can help you with resources to help fund your adoption. We are also lucky to have Barbara Casey, an adoption attorney, as the founder and head of our agency as well as other [...] Read more

Raising a Child with FASD (fetal alcohol syndrome disorders)

Sometimes our adoptive families are deciding whether or not to adopt a child who has been exposed to alcohol in utero. We have seen many cases of this scenario where the child thrives and goes on to have a wonderful life. Of course, it's natural to have many questions, and our caseworkers can help you through the adoption process, but FASD (fetal [...] Read more