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Raising a Child with FASD (fetal alcohol syndrome disorders)

Sometimes our adoptive families are deciding whether or not to adopt a child who has been exposed to alcohol in utero. We have seen many cases of this scenario where the child thrives and goes on to have a wonderful life. Of course, it's natural to have many questions, and our caseworkers can help you through the adoption process, but FASD (fetal [...] Read more

Facing Teenage Pregnancy

Teenage Pregnancy Facing an unplanned pregnancy is difficult for anyone, but as a teeanger, It may seem like the world is ending. As a pregnant teenager girl, you are probably incredibly scared, anxious, and not sure where to turn next. There is absolutely no one who can make this choice but you. It is your body, and you are ultimately the only [...] Read more

Things to Consider when Deciding between Abortion Vs. Adoption

Things to Consider when Deciding between Abortion Vs. Adoption According to Planned Parenthood’s recently released Annual Report, the organization perform 113 abortions for every one adoption referral. Clearly, more women choose abortion over adoption, but before you decide what is right for you, it is important to know the facts so you can make [...] Read more

Save the Adoption Tax Credit!!

Save the Adoption Tax Credit Due to the importance of the issue and how strongly ABSA feels about saving the Adoption Tax Credit, we are sharing this information sent from the North American Council on Adoptable Children. Let Your Members of Congress Know How Much the Adoption Tax Credit Matters to You! As many of you know, the adoption tax credit [...] Read more

National Study Shows Domestic Infant Adoption Remains Steady

National Study Shows Domestic Infant Adoption Remains Steady There are some interesting statistics recently released from The National Council for Adoption (NCFA). According to their National Adoption Data study: Adoption: By the Numbers, adoption rates have fallen in the U.S. from 133,737 in 2007 to 11,373 in 2014. The decline can be attributed [...] Read more

Adoption Options: Is Local Better?

Adoption Options: Is Local Better? If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and considering your adoption options, you may ask yourself “Is it better to choose an adoption agency near me?” In many cases, local IS better. “Shopping local” and supporting local businesses is a great way to support your community. When choosing an adoption agency to [...] Read more

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