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Prenatal Drug Exposure: Things to Consider if a Birthmother Uses

Prenatal Drug Exposure: Things to Consider if a Birthmother Uses Sometimes, adoptive parents are faced with the question of whether to consider a baby who has been subjected to alcohol and/or drugs in utero. It’s a tough decision and one that’s not to be taken lightly. The truth is the statistics show many birthmothers facing unplanned pregnancy have subjected the child in utero to some degree of [...] Read more

Things to NEVER say to a Birthmother or the Child who was Placed for Adoption

It’s a lifelong decision that is never easy to make. Placing a child for adoption is not about giving up a baby, nor putting up a baby. It’s about creating a future. Adoption changes a birthmother’s life forever, and it’s important that the adoptive family, her own family and everyone in between realize the impact of that choice and support the birthmother through their actions and words. [...] Read more

Post Adoption

Post adoption is a very important time for all parties involved in the adoption process. For the adoptive family, the final stage of the adoption, bringing home the baby, is incredibly amazing in so many ways! For many, it’s their first role as a parent. For others, the newly adopted child is joining siblings in their forever home. Either way, all of the preparation finally pays off. The child [...] Read more

Pregnancy & Planning

The pregnancy and planning phase of the adoption process is an exciting one! If both parties have chosen an option adoption, these months are often used for the birthmother and the family to get to know each other. An open adoption allows for communication between the two parties, while a closed adoption limits the contact. Whether you have selected an open or closed adoption, this special time [...] Read more

The Matching Process

We are continuing our Adoption Talk series this week by highlighting how the matching process works. This is a topic that both birthparents and adoptive families often have many questions and concerns about. How long does the matching process take? How does the matching process work? Can I choose the family my baby will be matched with? What if I don’t find a match for my baby? We will cover all [...] Read more

The Adoption Process Step by Step: The Home Study

The Adoption Process Step by Step: The Home Study In our Adoption Talk series, ‘The Adoption Process Step by Step,’ this time we explore the home study process. Although the home study process may seem intrusive, it is an integral part of the process to adopt a baby and will help you make sure adopting a baby is right for you and your family. It will also help determine the type of child you [...] Read more

The Adoption Process Step by Step: Selecting an Agency

In our Adoption Talk series, ‘The Adoption Process Step by Step,’ we will address each step of an adoption from the moment a woman decides to give her baby up for adoption to when a family decides adoption is the right choice for them and brings a new family member into their life. We will review all of the steps to help you navigate the adoption process, and hopefully answer any questions you [...] Read more

Giving My Baby Up For Adoption: Reflections from a Birth Mother

I have never had a fondness for children. They're loud, expensive, and somehow always sticky. I never wanted to have any of my own. My sister is more of the family type, and I always pictured myself as the cool aunt who plays with her nieces and nephews, buys those neat presents at Christmas time, and then packs them up and sends them home. Despite my feelings on child rearing, and despite using [...] Read more

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