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What Adoption Means to Families

It’s been ten years since we began this journey of helping people create their forever families. Ten years placing babies in happy homes filled with love and hope for the future. Ten years helping women facing unplanned pregnancy connect with adoptive families who have often tried everything possible to have a baby of their own. Our agency strives to find the best family and the right match for [...] Read more

Putting Your Child Up For Adoption: 4 Ways to Choose the Adoptive Family that’s Right for You

Finding an adoptive family sounds like a monumental task, especially given the stress you’re undoubtedly under while facing an unplanned pregnancy. Choosing the family to raise your child is completely in your control; there will be a caseworker to support and guide you through the process, but ultimately the decision is yours to make. Here are some tips to help you find the adoptive family [...] Read more

5 Tips for Navigating Your Relationship with Your Birth Child

You’ve given your baby up for adoption to a good family and you're comfortable with the open adoption agreement you have made to remain in the child’s life. At first, the arrangement is as uncomplicated as it can be. The child you’ve given up is little and doesn’t yet understand the meaning of adoption and the role you have in their lives. You’re overjoyed to get updates about the baby and [...] Read more

How to Put Your Baby Up for Adoption While Still Maintaining Your Rights

As a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy, you’re probably experiencing a lot of inner turmoil. It’s important to know, if you are considering giving up your child to a family through adoption, that you have rights. You are a human being and deserve to be treated fairly and justly. We have over twenty years of experience helping women just like you,and we can guide and assist you every step of the [...] Read more

How the Landscape of Adoption Is Changing

The numbers are staggering. The State Department just released new data as part of its annual report. Foreign adoptions are down from 23,000 in 2004 to 6,441 children adopted from abroad in 2014. There are a few reasons that could account for the decline. The U.S joined The Hague Convention ( in 2008. Its purpose is to set standards for [...] Read more

4 Reasons To Choose Adoption For An Unwanted Pregnancy

You are facing an unplanned pregnancy and wondering how in the world you are going to have a baby, let alone raise a child into adulthood. Whatever your reason, adoption can be a miraculous choice for you and your unborn child. Here are 4 reasons to choose adoption for an unwanted pregnancy: You are giving the gift of a child to a family who, in many cases, is desperate for a baby. Giving up a [...] Read more

Giving Up Your Baby For Adoption: 4 Things You Should Know

If you are a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy and considering adoption, there are often many questions and concerns that come to mind: How do I put my baby up for adoption? What is important when choosing an adoption agency to handle the logistics of the adoption? Can I help choose the family that is going to adopt my child? What happens after the adoption is complete? 4 Things You Should Know [...] Read more

Common Myths About Giving A Child for Adoption

Nearly 60 percent of Americans have had personal experience with adoption – whether they, a family member or a close friend was adopted, adopted a child or placed a child for adoption. And yet, there are many misconceptions about adoption that concern prospective birth parents. As a birth mother obviously makes the ultimate decision on whether or not to give her child for adoption, it’s important [...] Read more

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