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4 Reasons To Choose Adoption For An Unwanted Pregnancy

You are facing an unplanned pregnancy and wondering how in the world you are going to have a baby, let alone raise a child into adulthood. Whatever your reason, adoption can be a miraculous choice for you and your unborn child. Here are 4 reasons to choose adoption for an unwanted pregnancy: You are giving the gift of a child to a family who, in many cases, is desperate for a baby. Giving up a [...] Read more

Giving Up Your Baby For Adoption: 4 Things You Should Know

If you are a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy and considering adoption, there are often many questions and concerns that come to mind: How do I put my baby up for adoption? What is important when choosing an adoption agency to handle the logistics of the adoption? Can I help choose the family that is going to adopt my child? What happens after the adoption is complete? 4 Things You Should Know [...] Read more

Common Myths About Giving A Child for Adoption

Nearly 60 percent of Americans have had personal experience with adoption – whether they, a family member or a close friend was adopted, adopted a child or placed a child for adoption. And yet, there are many misconceptions about adoption that concern prospective birth parents. As a birth mother obviously makes the ultimate decision on whether or not to give her child for adoption, it’s important [...] Read more

Why Giving Your Baby Up for Adoption is Anything But Giving Up

Why Giving Your Baby Up for Adoption is Anything But Giving Up 3 Ways Birth Mothers Give There are many misconceptions about birth mothers. An adoptive mother recently wrote about the inconsiderate things people say about adoption in a piece in the Huffington Post and included the common questions many people inappropriately ask, "Why did the birth mother give the child up?" or "Why didn't the [...] Read more

National Adoption Month 2014

National Adoption Month 2014 Celebrating 10 Years of Adoption Awareness It's our favorite time of the year around here at A Baby Step Adoption Agency! National Adoption Month, an entire month dedicated to adoption awareness, is in full swing, and this year, we are particularly thrilled to be celebrating our 10 year anniversary – 10 years helping over 800 families experience the gift and joy of [...] Read more

ABSA Family Profile – Cole and Heather

ABSA Family Profile – Cole and Heather As part of our ongoing series, 『Miracles in Adoption,』 in which we introduce you to some of our incredible families who have adopted with us in the past, we are excited to share the amazing story of Cole and Heather. Meet Cole and Heather from Pittsburgh, PA Cole and Heather knew they wanted to start a family, and the couple was ecstatic when Heather became [...] Read more

ABSA Fall Family Profile – Tiyale and Nelson

ABSA Fall Family Profile – Tiyale and Nelson Fall is in the air! You can feel it on those crisp mornings, you can see it at the school bus stop each day and you can sense it in the way life is slowly returning back to normal as the long, lazy days of summer slip away. The fall at A Baby Step Adoption Agency is always a busy time, but this year is simply record breaking! We are getting ready to [...] Read more

Questions About Adoption

Birth Mothers Ask Questions About Adoption A Baby Step Adoption Agency owner, Barbara Casey, has over 27 years of experience helping birth mothers and adoptive families to navigate the world of adoption. In that time, she has answered numerous questions about how the adoption process works. Here are the top 5 questions most frequently asked by the birth mothers we work with, and the questions and [...] Read more

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