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Questions About Adoption

Birth Mothers Ask Questions About Adoption A Baby Step Adoption Agency owner, Barbara Casey, has over 27 years of experience helping birth mothers and adoptive families to navigate the world of adoption. In that time, she has answered numerous questions about how the adoption process works. Here are the top 5 questions most frequently asked by the [...] Read more

Understanding A Birth Mother's Concern

Women who become pregnant unexpectedly face many concerns. They may feel scared or confused about what comes next. They may wonder what their options are. If they decide to have the baby, but feel that they are not yet ready to start a family, they may ask themselves, 「How am I going to find a loving family to adopt my baby?」 They may think, 「I [...] Read more

Adoption Agency Stories from 'The Baby Adoption Specialists'

The Second Sibling Adoption – Adoption Costs Less the Second Time Around There is an old song about love being lovelier the second time around. It certainly holds true for the miracle of the second sibling adoption that can happen quite unexpectedly. Many families want to adopt again, but they are worried about how much adoption costs. However, [...] Read more

What is Open Adoption ?

Open adoption has become a common term these days in the adoption community, and it seems as if most birth parents and adoptive families strive for this kind of open door adoption process. But what is open adoption exactly?To understand the concept, we have to understand the way things used to be when adoptions were closed and quite different from [...] Read more

The Birth Mother Myth

When thinking about baby adoption, adoptive families often ask, 「What are birth mothers like? Why do they decide to place their babies for adoption?」 Birth mothers are not at all like the negative stereotypes of uncaring moms who want to 「give up」 their baby. A birth mother is a caring, unselfish, pregnant woman who wants a better life, filled [...] Read more

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