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We are here 24/7 to provide you Immediate Emotional Support, Maximum Financial Help and to Explain the Options Available to You.

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We assign a personal caseworker to you who will explain how we offer the Quickest Match TimeFull Agency and Legal Services and Flexible Options for your Adoption.

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Our Mission

The services for adoptive families and pregnant women are unparalleled at A Baby Step Adoption Agency.

For thirty years, our mission has been to build forever families through adoption. Our goal is to create families in the shortest possible time and with the most support for birth mothers and adoptive parent(s). We have the most diverse clientele serving traditional families, whether married or not, same sex, single parents, LGBT, and relative adoptions.

We offer all of our birth mothers personal caseworkers to provide emotional support and plan the budget and services you need to improve your future. You are not ‘giving up your baby’ or ‘putting up your baby’. You are making an adoption plan. We are available 24/7 for open or closed adoptions with pre-approved families of your choice.

Every journey begins with a single step. Contact us, and we will take care of the rest.

  • Congratulations Robin on your beautiful baby girl!
  • Congratulations to Manny and Elayne on your adorable baby girl!
  • Welcome Brooklyn Danielle to your forever family!
  • Welcome Nolan August to your forever family!
  • Welcome baby boy Gideon Nathaniel!
  • Congratulations to Glen and Megan on their beautiful daugher!
  • Welcome Jayce Christian to your forever family!
  • Welcome Delaney Ann Elizabeth to your forever family!
  • Congratulations to David and Jess on your beautiful baby girl!
  • Welcome Evelyn Belle to your forever family!
  • Congratulations to Joe and Chris on the adoption of your baby boy!
  • Congratulations to Jessica and Parker on the adoption of your new baby girl!
  • Welcome new addition Eleanora Frances to your forever family!
  • Welcome new addition Vivian Caroline to your forever family!
  • Congratulations to Alexis and Kurt on the adoption of your baby girl!

Reproductive Law Services

Our experienced attorneys can provide you with legal assistance in all areas of reproductive law. If you are planning on having a family through surrogacy, egg donation, embryo donation, sperm donation, or a co-parenting adoption, A Baby Step Adoption Agency can help you.

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Free Adoption Finance Coach

A Baby Step Adoption, Adoption, Adoption Process, Pregnancy Care, Child Adoption, Reading PA We understand that adoption can be expensive, however there are many resources and options available to you to help ease the financial strain. We are excited to offer our clients access to free adoption finance coaching, available to you 24/7 to help you build your forever family!

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