In our Adoption Talk series, ‘The Adoption Process Step by Step,’ we will address each step of an adoption from the moment a woman decides to give her baby up for adoption to when a family decides adoption is the right choice for them and brings a new family member into their life. We will review all of the steps to help you navigate the adoption process, and hopefully answer any questions you may have.  Here are the highlights to help you understand the process.

Step 1. Selecting an Adoption AgencyQuestions You Should Ask

If you are a family hoping to adopt a child, or a mother facing an unplanned pregnancy who has decided to give your baby up for adoption, the very first step when thinking about adoption is to select a reputable agency to work with to help you through the adoption process. There are certain questions you should ask the agency to ensure they are a good fit for your family and to make sure they have experience and the moral compass to put your family first.

Here are a few of the important questions to ask when selecting an adoption agency:

For a Birthmother

1. What kind of services do you offer pregnant women who are considering giving their baby up for adoption? Do those services continue even after the baby is born?

2. What kind of financial assistance can I expect if I choose your agency? Is the money for the adoption completely covered?

3. What types of families do you work with? Will I have a say in choosing the
family who will raise my child?

4. Do I have say in how much contact I have with the baby I choose to give up for adoption?

A Baby Step Adoption offers women facing unplanned pregnancy emotional support during and after the pregnancy. We understand how difficult it can be to give your baby up for adoption, and our caring caseworkers will help you from the moment you contact us.  We offer counseling services even after the baby is born and will work with you to ensure you feel comfortable about your decision. We will offer you the maximum amount of financial assistance, including all pregnancy related expenses, housing services, food and maternity clothes. You will not have to worry about coming up with any of the money for the adoption.

We work with all types of families, and you choose the adoptive family. You also decide how much contact you want with the family during the pregnancy and how much contact you want with the child and the adoptive family after the baby is born.

For an Adoptive Family

1. How long have you been placing children with families?

2. How many children did you place last year? (For single parents) How many children did you place with a single parent? (For gay and lesbian parents) How many children did you place with gay or lesbian couples?

3. What is the average wait time to be placed with a child?

4. How much money will I need for adoption? What will be the total cost of adopting through your agency be? Does the payment include legal services?

A Baby Step Adoption has been creating forever families for over 10 years. We placed over 80 children last year with loving forever families. We work with all types of families regardless of race, religion, sexual preference or whether or not you are married. A Baby Step Adoption touts the quickest match time – 67% of our clients match within 6 months; 92% match in 9 months.

When you are considering how much money an adoption costs, it’s nice to know legal services are included in the adoption agency fee. Our founder and the director of A Baby Step Adoption is a family formation attorney so all of your legal requirements will be taken care of without help from an outside party. We also can help you come up with the money for the adoption by reviewing the funding and grant options available to you. We also offer our clients the Adoption Finance Coach, a free service that helps you navigate how best to pay for the adoption.

Whether you are a birthmother or someone looking to adopt, A Baby Step Adoption has the expertise (over 10 years and counting!), knowledge and educated staff needed to make your experience seamless and stress free. Our caring and compassionate staff looks forward to working with you. We have years of experience helping birth mothers and adoptive families, which means we have seen, dealt with and typically overcome every issue, glitch or question that may occur, and are fully equipped and looking forward to working with you through every step of the adoption process.  We hope you will contact us at (877) 753-5663 with any questions and to discuss how to take the next step.