“From start to finish, the staff at ABSA was helpful and caring. They were compassionate and eager for us to start our family. Every question we had was answered quickly. Someone was available via cell phone, office phone or email almost 24/7 which was amazing. We never felt lost through the experience. They know the law and make sure all of the paperwork is filed and in place. We wouldn’t be the happy family we are today without A Baby Step Adoption Agency.”

“Adoption can be a very intimidating process. The staff at ABSA was overwhelmingly helpful, knowledgeable and emotionally supportive. We felt as though they were not only supportive to us, but also to the birth parents, which was very important to us. They stayed in touch with us constantly throughout the process and were very supportive. We were matched very quickly and Barbara Casey and her staff are all aces at what they do. They were most helpful in the final few stressful days leading up to birth, when our needs were highest!! We cannot thank the staff enough for the support and efforts put forth to make this an easy process!! I would never expect such an emotional process to be so smooth and easy from start to finish. The team at ABSA is incredible! They have mastered their craft and I would recommend them to anyone!”
– BJ

“My partner and I were referred to ABSA by friends who had used the agency to adopt their child a few years ago. We could not have been happier with the outcome. The most cumbersome part of the process is the paperwork/legal documentation and profile creation at the beginning. The agency offered suggestions and guidance through that first step. Once we joined the nationwide network we were matched within 6 weeks. Unfortunately, that adoption failed…through no fault of the agency. We were matched again within a month and ended up with a beautiful, healthy, baby boy almost 9 months to the day from our initial meeting with the agency. The best aspect by far is the support provided by the caseworkers. Both adoptive parents and birthparents are supported throughout the process. We consider our caseworkers part of our family and will forever be grateful to them for all of their help, guidance, support, and advice. We still send them pictures and communicate with them to this day. Also, Barbara Casey’s reputation as an adoption lawyer and the agency’s connections with adoption professionals across the country certainly increased our chances of matching quickly….which we did.”

“There really were no cons. I think the main thing when selecting an agency is: Can they help you find a child and get him or her adopted using an ethical process that respects everyone involved? And can they do this in a reasonable time frame? Everything else is just details. A Baby Step met all of our expectations in this regards.”

“There are so many pros about ABSA. It seems hard to list them without telling our story, but the biggest pro is that it only took three months for ABSA to find us a birth mother. When I say they found her – they did. They also went out of their way to match us. We got a note saying “we found one you may be interested in” and they sent us the profile. Turns out we were a perfect match. January 22nd of this year is the one-year anniversary of my husband and I walking into ABSA and signing the paperwork. This morning I watched my almost 7 month old beautiful, amazing daughter try to eat toast. There is no bigger pro than that because, for most of us, we come into this process after some difficulty and some failed attempts – we were ready to have a baby yesterday. ABSA works for you to help you fulfill your dream. Jan 22nd I signed on with them and June 30th I held my daughter. It is because of them. The staff at ABSA is working with lots of families to make their dreams come true and they have to prioritize. Jen, Barbara and the staff at ABSA were amazing when the baby came. There was some drama when the birth mother crossed state lines to deliver. I spoke with Jen 17 times in two days (the Saturday and Sunday of Fourth of July weekend). She picked up EVERY call. She talked me through it when I was ready to give up. Jen, Barbara and the staff worked hard to get us permission to leave Mississippi with our baby even though it was a holiday week. I can’t say enough about our experience with ABSA. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone. Olivia (our daughter) is beautiful and we are complete now. The people at ABSA made the process easy because they were there every step of the way. I am so thankful I chose them.”

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