Why Choose A Baby Step Adoption?

We asked adoptive families, and here are the reasons our clients say we are the top adoption agency in Pennsylvania with a nationwide reach:

  • Quickest match time – 67% of our clients match within 6 months; 92% match in 9 months
  • Maximum number of placements and options
  • All services, including legal, in one location
  • Best customer service from your caring personal caseworker available 24/7
  • No waiting list
  • An American Academy Adoption Attorney Director
  • An extensive birthparent outreach program
  • Most diversified national clientele (same sex, LGBT, single parents, and couples, whether married or not, adopt in one hearing)
  • Fixed flat fees – you choose the adoption match that fits your budget and needs
  • Open or closed adoptions – your choice
  • Embryo adoption / Gestational carrier and surrogacy services
  • Rapid finalization times
  • ICPC – expertise in all states
  • Nonprofit 501(c)(3) agency
  • Lifetime services for birthparents
  • Legal services included
  • Free national outreach for hard to place / special needs situations
  • Over 30 years experience with adoption law and reproductive technology law gives you the best legal plan for your family formation

Come learn what adoption options are right for you at A Baby Step Adoption Agency!

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