A Baby Step Adoption understands the challenge in grasping the adoption process and is dedicated to guiding our birthparents and adoptive parents through every step of the way. To be best prepared for the adoption journey, ABSA strives on educating all parties on the legal, social, emotional, and financial aspects of the process. Through our various partner resources and outreach, we are able to provide knowledgable educational support and reliable adoption programs. In addition, our in-house legal team stays up to date on state-to-state adoption law, federal regulation, and changing policy through continued education coursework, conferences, and collegial support from other adoption attorneys.  As an ABSA client, you will have the advantage to access such resources and stay informed through your adoption journey.

ABSA maintains a community presence as well, by supporting low-income families through nonprofit outreach and working with local organizations to support building forever families. ABSA offers free training programs and outreach to any organizations interested in learning about the services we offer to expectant mothers.  With over 30 years of experience, Barbara B. Casey, Esq. and the team at ABSA work diligently to ensure all parties navigate the adoption journey from an informed view.

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