Your Adoption Rights

It’s Your Baby, Your Choice. It’s Your Decision, but You are Not Alone

You have the right to be FREE FROM PRESSURE to decide for or against an adoption plan.

You have the right to total CONFIDENTIALITY.

You have the right to impartial COUNSELING by a caring, trained professional so you understand all of your adoption options.

You have the right a SAFE AND LEGAL adoption process.

You have the right to CHOOSE THE ADOPTIVE PARENTS and meet them if desired.

You have the right to make an OPEN ADOPTION agreement and to receive pictures, letters and/or visits with the child after placement. You also have the right to a closed adoption if you choose.

You have the right to your OWN HOSPITAL PLAN.

You have the right to have the adoptive parents pay for pregnancy-related MEDICAL EXPENSES.

You have the right to FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE in certain states with your housing, utilities, maternity clothes, transportation, and other pregnancy-related expenses. You may also decline financial assistance.

You have the right to MAKE A PLACEMENT even if you do not know the identity or location of the birthfather.

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