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With our American Academy (AAAA) Director and our experienced casework and legal staff, A Baby Step Adoption Agency and Adoption Step, a 501(c)(3) non-profit agency offers you complete guidance and support to build your forever family.  Our agency assigns an individual caseworker to adoptive families and also to birthparents to make sure the needs of all parties are met.  Our agency maintains a small roster of diverse families (singles, same-sex, LGBTQ, married and unmarried couples) to ensure all clients receive unmatched services and a carefully drawn legal plan. We work to coordinate your individual adoption so that all requirements are met right from the start.

At this time, we work with families throughout 49 states. At this time, we are unable to work with adoptive families from New York. Please contact us if you would like recommendations of agencies or attorneys to work in New York. With our quick match time, no waiting lists and national outreach, we aim to complete your family building journey in the shortest possible time.

Every Journey Begins With a Single Step… Contact us To Take Yours.


The A Baby Step Adoption Process

  • Contact A Baby Step Adoption to learn about adoption and your family building options.
    • Independent vs. agency vs. public options
    • Surrogacy / gestational carriers
    • Embryo adoption
  • Attend a free information session or set up your private education meeting.
    • See our Events page for more details.
  • Meet your caseworker, your support system during the adoption and beyond.
  • Complete your Home Study.
  • Join our match program.
  • Learn about financial resources available.
  • Birthparent selection
  • Official match
  • Hospital plan, birth, discharge and arrival home
  • ICPC approvals and post-placement supervision
  • Legal Services
    • Consents / surrenders / relinquishments / TPRs
    • Open Adoption Agreements
    • Finalization
    • Post-adoption services, new birth certificates, and social security cards

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