Adoptive Family Services

A Baby Step Adoption Agency is led by an AAAA Director with over 30 years of legal and adoption experience.  We offer all adoption and family formation services from start to finish.

Domestic Infant Adoption
Our agency specializes in full service, newborn baby adoption throughout the United States. We can also assist with relative adoptions, stepparent adoptions or refinalizations of foreign adoptions.  We can provide you with leads for the adoption of a newborn or child of any race or ethnicity.  Our agency works with all types of adoptive families including same-sex, single parents, LGBTQ, married or unmarried couples. A Baby Step Adoption can provide all necessary agency and legal services.

Personal Casework Support
Each family and birthparent is assigned a personal caseworker to give support and guidance through the entire process.  Your caseworker will coordinate with the legal team to make sure all requirements are met.  From the first phone call through finalization, your caseworker will provide emotional and educational support.  The individual attention at A Baby Step Adoption will help make your adoption journey as seamless as possible.

Home Studies
The home study is required in all fifty states prior to the adoption.  A Baby Step Adoption will guide you through the process and offers both regular and expedited home studies. A completed home study is often necessary before grant applications can be submitted.  A Baby Step Adoption can help make the process as streamlined as possible.  See our Home Studies page for complete information and to get started.

ABSA Match Program
Carefully developed by AAAA Director, Barbara Casey, our Agency Match Program will link you immediately with all available adoption situations from the day you join. Due to our extensive outreach and numerous referral sources from adoption attorneys, agencies and other adoption professionals, we are able to match our families with the right expectant mother or child quicker than other agencies.

Financial Assistance
At A Baby Step Adoption, you choose the type of adoption situation that fits your budget.  We also offer assistance with grants, loans, and fundraising suggestions.  Visit our Funding Options page or ask for our comprehensive spreadsheet on grants.  The permanent adoption tax credit for 2014 provides a reimbursement of $13,190 and will be increased each year thereafter.  There is an adoption for every budget, let us help you find the right option.

Assisted or Identified Adoptions
If you have located a potential match, A Baby Step Adoption Agency will provide you with the individual services you need to assess your match and complete the adoption through finalization.  You contract for legal or agency services as needed.

Hospital Plans, Discharges and Consents
A Baby Step Adoption Agency works with all parties to complete a hospital plan that meets the birthparents’ and adoptive parents’ needs and preferences.  We will explain the hospital and discharge procedures for your individual adoption so that you know what to expect.  Where possible, an agency caseworker or attorney will be present at discharge.  An out of state team will be located for you where necessary.

A Baby Step Adoption Agency uses the best choice of law available for your adoption situation.  Careful preplanning with your legal and casework team will mean the best relinquishment procedure for your individual situation.  We use the fastest, most cost-effective legal termination plan.

Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children (ICPC)
A Baby Step Adoption has experience in all fifty states and can contact an American Academy Adoption Attorney or Agency to help with ICPC for both sending and receiving states.  We work to keep your out of state stay to a minimum so you can return safely and legally with your newborn.

Post Placement Services
A Baby Step Adoption Agency can complete all required post-placement supervisory visits.

Lifetime Adoption Services
Post-placement contract agreements and picture exchanges can be maintained through A Baby Step Adoption Agency.  We also assist with amended birth certificates, social security cards, passport orders and tax credit certification letters. Our agency is proud to provide continuing services to both adoptive and birthparents for life.

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