Facts about U.S. Adoption

How much does adoption cost?

The average price of domestic adoption ranges from $30,000 to $50,000, depending upon the circumstances of the adoption. The average adoption falls somewhere in the middle, but some can be as low as $15,000 or higher than $50,000. At A Baby Step Adoption Agency, there is an adoption for most budgets. You choose the type of adoption based on your individual requirements and budget. If you locate your own birth mother then the price of adoption is significantly lower. Contact us to speak with an adoption associate to determine the right adoption plan for you.

Is there a waiting list?

No! Once you join our agency match program, you will be informed of all current and new leads that come into the agency, and have the opportunity to have your adoption profile shared with birth mothers around the country.

How long will it take to find a match?

Our average match occurs less than 6 months of you signing the agency’s pre-match contract. However, it can take more or less time depending on your personal preferences. The more open you are to choices, the faster you will match! Last year 62% of our families matched in less than 6 months, and 92% matched in less than 9 months.

Do I receive background information on the birthparents and when?

Yes, you receive a social and medical history background form filled out by the birthparents before the match occurs. As information becomes available during the pregnancy, we will pass this information on to you.

When are the birthparents rights terminated?

This depends on the state’s laws that are being used. Your agency or your attorney will usually recommend the state law with the quickest termination, if possible. In Pennsylvania, once birthparents sign their Consent to Adopt at 72 hours after birth, there is a 30 day waiting period until the consent is final and irrevocable. Birthfathers can sign before the birth of the child. Birthmothers and husbands can sign three days after the birth of the child.

Must we use Pennsylvania law?

No! You will usually finalize your adoption with our agency in Pennsylvania, but birthparents’ rights may be terminated in the state with the shortest termination time.

How are matches made?

When a birthmother has decided to place her child for adoption, she will receive profiles from our prospective adopting families. An adoption counselor from our agency will meet with the birthmother to answer questions regarding the families and offer help in her decision. Sometimes the birthmother will request to talk or meet with one or more families before making her final decision. If she chooses you, we will then provide her information to you. Then you decide if you would like to move forward with the match and receive our agency contract.

Must I update my home study and clearances and if so, how often?

Yes! Your home study needs to be updated YEARLY and after 3 years a full home study is needed again. Clearances also need to be kept current and are only good for ONE year.

Are there families I can speak with regarding your agency and adoption in general?

Yes. At your request, we can send you a list of previous clients who you can contact via phone or e-mail who are happy to answer any questions you have about A Baby Step Adoption Agency or the adoption process.

Can I adopt a child if my criminal record is not completely clear?

Yes. Each situation is different, and we encourage you to speak with your counselor during your adoption home study process.

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